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Energy Werx Alberta is the leading home energy evaluation company serving Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, and surrounding areas. We are expanding to reach other areas of Alberta as well! Let our team show you how we can help you receive the most rebates available for your home upgrades.


Regional Owner
Registered Energy Advisor

Brett joined Energy Werx in July 2021 and is heading up the Alberta team of advisors. He is a Registered Energy Advisor and recently transitioned careers from serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. Having designed and built his own off-grid home, Brett thrives in his new career as an Energy Advisor, helping clients find energy efficient solutions for their homes!


Office Manager

Rachael joined the Energy Werx team in July 2021, along with her husband Brett. She has a background in customer service and administration, so it was a natural fit to work alongside Brett in heading up the Alberta expansion of Energy Werx. Rachael is passionate about helping homeowners make the most of their energy efficient upgrades. Realizing that the grant process can be confusing and overwhelming for many, Rachael aims to help customers navigate the administrative process as painlessly as possible! Brett and Rachael run a busy household with 5 children, and enjoy all thing outdoors – hiking, fishing, and snowboarding to name a few.

Matt Ingvardsen

Registered Energy Advisor

I am an Energy Advisor called to the profession by a growing passion for the science of buildings and human behaviour. I believe that we can improve humanity’s quality of life and the environments in which we live, on a large scale, through small scale education and installations. I am naturally drawn to technical assessment and communicating those results in a tangible and meaningful way. A consulting advisor for life, I will continue to leverage a diverse background in residential and civil construction, process management and leadership, and advisory roles with university level education and premium industry standardized training to continuously provide the most leading edge and thorough advisement to all homeowners, property managers, realtors, and executive teams, with whom I engage. Living in Beaumont with my wife of 15 years, and 3 lovely children, we have an affinity for the mountains and getting lost in the forest on foot. I love the idea that my work and my play are so connected in a way that each benefits the other.

Cristin Tchir

Program Administrator

I’m happy to be a part of the Energy Werx team. I have 4 kids, 1 graduated and moved out (woo hoo!) A passion for health and wellness as I am a certified personal trainer. I’ve always loved helping people feel better! I love to get away to the mountains and hike in the summer, and ski in the winter, really anything outdoors is where I want to be!

Emerson Dickie

Registered Energy Advisor

I decided to become an energy advisor after adding multiple upgrades to my own home. I have personally completed projects through the Greener Homes, Edmonton Solar, and HERA programs. I am passionate about home efficiency and I love new and green tech.

Before coming to Energy Werx, I founded Green Transport, a trucking company that my partner and I fueled with biodiesel from numerous Alberta sources. After 13 years, I exited my position after selling it to a larger company.Earlier in my career, I worked in the renewables sector installing geothermal heating systems.

I’m passionate about this industry and love to talk about my own upgrade experiences; including an 8kw solar system, air source heat pump, attic insulation, and drain water heat recovery.

In my spare time, I enjoy skiing, playing squash, and working on projects. My wife and I just started our family, and we love adventuring with our new little guy.

Russ Ingvardsen

Registered Energy Advisor

With over 30 years providing Professional General Contracting services for new and existing homes, Russ was drawn to specialize in the Energy Efficiency of homes.

“It was a natural progression for me. I’ve always been adamant about providing the best service for my customers as possible. Now with Home Energy Efficiency so important, at this stage of my career, it made perfect sense to specialize in it. It’s pretty much a passion for me now. Everyone always knew that adding Solar, upgrading your windows, doors or furnace made sense, but no one could put a number on it – quantify it. Today, more than ever, homeowners need and want this information. Money is tight, our impact on the environment is of concern and owners need to know specifically what is more beneficial to upgrade in their homes and why”.

Today, Russ enjoys providing Energy Advice to homeowners in the Calgary and Southern Alberta area.

William (Jay) Cooke

Registered Energy Advisor

I decided to become an energy advisor after working as a consultant for a Net Zero Energy brewery project and learning of the potential to work and live in a healthier and more sustainable manner.

Before coming to Energy Werx, I worked in the brewing industry for 18 years as a brewmaster and consultant. My family has been an inspirational force to start this journey as an REA. Making this world better for them, one house at a time.

Jarek Naks

Registered Energy Advisor

Jarek was born in Poland and has been living in Grande Prairie for the past 20 years. He’s been involved in the home building industry for almost 40 years, with a background in structural engineering (completed degree in Poland), and decades of hands on experience here in Canada. Now a Registered Energy Advisor, Jarek enjoys using his extensive knowledge in home building to assist homeowners in making their homes more energy efficient!

Andrea Murphy

Registered Energy Advisor

I am a Registered Energy Advisor and joined the Energywerx team in the fall of 2022. I am excited to be able to bring energy solutions to the Lloydminster and greater surrounding area! In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my 2 boys, riding horses, and travelling. My background includes a diploma in architectural technology and property management. This is a field I am passionate about, that gives me the opportunity to help homeowners maximize their home’s energy efficient upgrades.

Marianne Lopez-Henthorn

Registered Energy Advisor

Making homes better for their inhabitants is at the core of my decision to become an energy advisor. My previous background as a power engineer allows me to think about processes and systems from a holistic point of view. This translates to viewing the home from a house-as-a-system approach, and understanding the bigger picture of how each component comes together to form the home.

I’m genuinely enthusiastic about the science of building better living spaces. Like many, this sprouted from implementing energy efficient upgrades in my own home. I enjoy staying up to date with the latest advancements that can transform homes into efficient, cozy havens.

Outside of the building science realm, I enjoy hiking the local trails, finding the best dishes in Calgary, and traveling all around the world.

Sam Tauckoor

Registered Energy Advisor

Sam is originally from Mauritius and has been living in Alberta for the past 13 years. He graduated from University of Calgary in 2017 with a degree in Energy Engineering and since then has gained experience through different roles in commercial and residential buildings.
Sam enjoys working in the green energy sector and being an energy advisor is a great opportunity to enhance his career goals and make Alberta homes more efficient, one house at a time.

Angela Coram

Program Administrator

Angela joined the Energy Werx team in the summer of 2023, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a passion for problem-solving. Born and raised in Alberta, Angela is committed to making a positive impact in her community. When she’s not working, you can find her indulging in her love of gaming or getting creative in her pottery studio. With her dedication, hard work, and positive attitude, Angela is sure to make a lasting impression on those around her.

Fu You

Registered Energy Advisor

I am a professional engineer in the area of materials. But my fascination extends beyond materials engineering into the realms of diverse housing options and investment. Recognizing energy efficiency as a pivotal investment avenue, I am particularly captivated by its potential. I’m passionate about this industry and love to understand it from the perspective of materials and specific number via energy evaluation.
I like movies, enjoy getting close to nature in summer and skiing in winter, I also embrace the challenge of snowboarding with my son, albeit with room for improvement!

Raymond Donnelly

Registered Energy Advisor

As a Registered Energy Advisor, my primary objective is to ensure homeowners are well-informed to optimize their dollar and their home performance.

I have a comprehensive background in governmental policy across federal and provincial levels, specializing in Canada’s energy sector and environmental concerns.

I have contributed to the activities of several federal Standing Committees, including Natural Resources and Environment and Climate Change, offering valuable insights for the development of policies and programs pertaining to energy and environmental regulation, reclamation efforts, fuel sources, efficiency standards, building materials, and home retrofits.
Before my public service career, I worked in residential home construction.

Beyond my professional life, I have a passion for music, audio-video, and image production. I also cherish time with my wife, and serving in a local church body.

“Access to affordable and reliable energy is one of the top indicators for quality of life in a society.”

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